New Year. New Fun.

A new year is filled with resolutions. Resolving to make changes. It’s difficult to say what the changes are for Save-A-Mutt in this new year, because we seem to evolve as challenges come our way. One thing is for sure – we got our “rescue” numbers for 2014 and we were blown away to see that in Save-A-Mutt’s first year of dedicated rescue, we helped placed over 500 dogs and cats into new homes. From high-kill California shelters, to Craig’s List, to working with our shelter/rescue partners, and even to random phone calls and emails – over 500 puppies, dogs, cats and kittens found forever homes! I guess our resolution will be to save even more in 2015.

The new year is also a time to get out your calendars and start planning for fun… first, our 8th Annual Scrub-A-Mutt dog wash is scheduled for August 22.  And both before and after that dog wash will be fun events, be sure to check out the event tab, we add to it weekly.

At the time of this update, our new website is being built, we are so excited, it’s been a long time coming. Our Facebook page just got its 3000th Like! We have new swag being developed and are planning to make it easy to buy from the website. Prison Break Puppy transports are still going strong, and with every adoption, we are able to help so many local dogs too.  Just ask Sweetie Pi and Esme, our latest Senior Saves, their vet bills were covered by the donations we received through those puppy adoptions. We are always looking for solutions to help our furry friends. This is going to be a great year!

Scrub-A-Mutt 2015 is August 22nd!