Crazy is a way of life.


Seems like in these last 10 months there’s been a lot of change. And every passing week, we find ourselves growing and changing.  The name change to Save-A-Mutt this year has been our big one – and look for a brand new website in a few weeks!

What hasn’t changed is our commitment to all things four footed – and in some cases, three footed.  We love our puppies, our kittens, our cats, our dogs and our seniors!  If you follow us on Facebook – that’s where you are going to find all the current news and events.

As the holidays approach, Save-A-Mutt is working with transport and participating with our shelter partners.  The events are done for the year.  But stay tuned, fun new things are planned for 2015.

Scrub-A-Mutt 2015 is August 22nd!