The Changing Face of Scrub-A-Mutt!

ShelterDogIf you have been following our Facebook page you have seen that Scrub-A-Mutt is working hard to develop the SAM’s Fund side of our organization.

SAM’s Fund was created to raise money for rescue pets that needed medical care.  But, the SAM’s Fund motto of Saving • Advocating • Making a difference has taken us farther. Since the end of January  - we have helped rehome over 100 dogs, from high-kill California shelters and from our local Craig’s List. All of this rescue work has helped us develop amazing relationships with a variety of Washington Shelters and Rescue Groups.

Our typical event fundraising will not be enough to sustain this rescue work.  We are applying for grants and will be raising money all year long to help cover the costs of transport and boarding of the California “Prison Break Puppies.” You can donate any amount and even set up a once a month donation –  DONATE Here!  

Of course we are also in full planning mode for our Scrub-A-Mutt Dog Wash in August. The fun never ends!!

 Save the date… Scrub-A-Mutt 2014 is August 16th!